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Magic Prerelease In Chicago!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Rolls into Prism Games Chicago this weekend!

This Friday and Saturday April 12th and 13th we are hosting prerelease events for Magic the Gathering: Outlaws of Thunder Junction at Prism Games Chicago! Get your tickets to Thunder Junction now for a prerelease kit and duel with fellow Planeswalkers. We will have music, games and plenty of promos and prizes for attendees! Get your tickets now on our event page!

Prism Games will also be hosting our first Drag Prerelease event for Thunder Junction! Join Malheurt and Prism Games Chicago for a Western themed drag show and prerelease games! Tickets are $10 for entry and Prerelease kits are available for purchase on site. The event is BYOB and don't forget to bring those singles! Buy your tickets now by clicking the button below!

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